The Tests That For Cervical Infertility

The Tests That For Cervical Infertility

How do women get cervical infertility? What are tests by using this infertility? Possibly women may take place regarding this. Really, as lengthy because the sickness is detected, it should be treated quickly.

1.Cervical adhesion examination

(1)Examination within the characteristics within the cervical mucus: observation of mucus secretion, transparency, viscosity, and ductility. Use a large forceps to simply accept the cervical mucus out of your neck tube, consider the a bigger level drawing, and smear to discover the fern. If continuous observation inside the period is along with basal temperature, the truth is greater.

(2)Sperm and cervical mucus compatibility test: After intercourse, the laboratory are able to see when the compatibility between sperm and cervical mucus is common through PCT. However, you can still find many shortcomings inside test serious amounts of the judgment criteria. However, PCT tossing may be the current an important approach to clinical study of function.

2.Examination within the presence or inadequate cervical lesions

(1) Probe examination: quick and simple , practical, locating the direction and length inside the cervical canal that’s ratio across the cervix, whether there’s stenosis, adhesion combined with the tightness while using the internal cervix. For suspected abnormalities, further angiography is extremely suggested.

(2)Vaginal examination: put the positioning, shape, size the outer mouth, the quantity and kind of secretions, combined with presence or insufficient cervical erosion. Get sucked in in the presence or inadequate cervical discomfort and paravalvular tenderness, in addition to bacteriological study of cervical mucus, if needed, by scraping or colposcopy.

(3)Contrast examination: Hysterosalpingography although find uterine and fallopian tube lesions, but in addition neck angiography may also be very advantageous to examine regarding infertility treatment. Once the oil representative can be used along with the contrast product is not battling with the wedding within the neck tube, the region and kind from the neck tube might be well displayed. For the neoplasm inside neck tube. Hereditary malformation stenosis, adhesions and uterine flexion may be clearly diagnosed. Cervical fibroids, polyps, etc. possess a smooth filling defect for the angiography, since the edges inside the cervical adhesions are irregularly zigzag. The dysplastic cervix is narrow and extended, although the neck lumen of t . b is very large, visit a brush-like change. The region and proportion within the cervical canal coupled with uterus can also be measured by angiography, produced for patients with genital dysplasia and neck stenosis who’ve unsuccessful the probe examination.


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