Different Types Of Flies That Infest Home

Different Types Of Flies That Infest Home

Several types of flies can harm humans and animals. For example, house flies can spread food poisoning and cholera. These flies sometimes inflict painful bites when sucking blood. If you want to know more about different types of flies and how to get rid of fly, then read the article below:

House Fly

House flies can infest almost every type of premises. The housefly can get attracted to pet waste, animal feed, food waste, etc. The adult house flies are generally 5-8mm long and have a grey throat and four narrow stripes. The house can mature from egg to adult too fast. The common spaces where you can find the house flies are restings on walls, floors and floors, and ceilings. The outdoor flies can be seen in plants, grounds and fences. 

Bluebottle Flies

You can find the blue bottle Flies around the dustbins. These bluebottle flies are generally seen around dustbins and are attracted to pet faeces, dead animals, etc. They come with a blue-coloured bottle design, giving the name like that. The adult flies are around ¼” to ½” and come metallic in colour. The eggs can take about 0-18 hours to hatch. 

Fruit Flies

You can find most fruit flies around fruit orchards, vegetable plots and breweries. They are generally 3 mm long and come in colour-brown. You can quickly identify them from their red eyes. The fruit flies can lay eggs in rotten eggs. It develops the hatch to mature within 7-30 days. The pest control that uses bird spikes can remove these flies from home. 

Black Flies

These black Flies are generally blood-sucking insects. These flies typically prefer to fly over people’s heads, and sometimes they get into eyes and ears. Female black flies are blood feeders and can bite humans and animals. You can find most black flies during early summer and late spring. They prefer to lay eggs in non-polluted water with high dissolved oxygen levels. 

Cluster Fly

The cluster flies are commonly seen in any quiet place n the home. This species of fly are generally attracted to bright light in the winter. So, you can spot them in winter around the attic or the window. The cluster flies prefer to stay with large groups and lay eggs in the soil during late summer and early autumn. You can call pest control to get rid of flies. 

Deer Flies

The deer flies don’t fall into the indoor flies category as they suck blood from wildlife, livestock and humans, and the risk is high for them to transmit disease. The deer Flies have dark bands around their wings and the same coloured eyes as the horse flies. You can find deer and horse flies around the aquatic habitat as it helps in their development. 


Flies are one of the most common pests that spread dangerous diseases at home. So, you should not take the flies’ infestation lightly. Call an experienced pest control who uses bird spikes and various pest control tools. The specialist will first decide on the pest type invading your home and provide your solution to fix the issue.  

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