Warehouse Storage Solutions Guide for Maximum Efficiency

Warehouse Storage Solutions Guide for Maximum Efficiency

The success of supply chain management is achieved by a well-organized and efficient warehouse.

The choice of proper storage solution is a vital decision that impacts factors like –

  • Speed
  • Order fulfilment
  • Space use
  • Overall operational costs

2H Storage Solutions offers a diverse range of options for businesses in the North East and Yorkshire region. The different options on their website can be overwhelming.

Here is a guide to help you choose the best storage solutions for your warehouse needs.

1.      Understand your warehouse requirements.

First, clearly understand your unique storage needs and operational demands.

The factors to consider are –

Inventory profile

Detect the product types you store.

  • Are they bulky and heavy pallets?
  • Are they small and lightweight boxes
  • Are they fragile?

Understanding product type will guide you in choosing a suitable storage system.

Inventory volume & turnover

Look for answers to questions like –

  • How much inventory do you typically store?
  • What is the average turnover rate?

Remember, high-volume, fast-moving products need readily accessible storage. Items low in demand can be stored in less accessible zones.

Order picking frequency

High-order picking frequency needs a storage layout that prioritizes easy access to pick goods frequently.

Warehouse layout

Measure the available space, including the ceiling height and potential limitations like odd corners and pillars. This will help you determine the possibility of installing high-bay storage solutions or mezzanines.

Budget limitations

Create a realistic budget and consider long-term return on investment when evaluating the storage options.

2.      Various storage solutions are available

You can explore multiple storage solutions.

Pallet racking 

Pallet racking is a cost-effective way to store palletized goods.

The options to select from are –

  • Selective pallet racking – Ideal for frequently accessed items.
  • Narrow isle racking – Maximizes space use but needs specialized forklift.

Shelving system

A shelving system is a great solution for organizing and making small, individual items accessible. Adjustable shelving allows you to customize based on product weight and size.

Bins & containers

Small tools, parts, and miscellaneous items can be efficiently stored in bins and containers. You can place them on carousels, shelves, or integrated workbenches to easily access them for pick up and packing.

Cantilever racks

It is ideal for storing long, bulky items like lumber, pipes, and furniture. The cantilever rack features arms that extend from a single upright support.

Carousel system

The rotating carousels bring stored goods closer to the picker, minimizing travel time and increasing picking efficiency, especially for small, high-demand goods.

Vertical Lift Modules 

VLMs are automated storage and retrieval systems ideal for increasing space use in high-bay warehouses. A computer-controlled lifting mechanism accesses vertically stacked trays.

3.      Storage layout optimization

After choosing the proper storage solutions, you must design an efficient layout.

Some things to consider for layout optimization are –

ABC analysis

Categorize your inventory based on demand and value.

  • ‘A’ involves high-demand goods that must be closer to the picking zones for quick retrieval.
  • ‘B’ means goods in moderate demand, so place it further away.
  • ‘C’ defines goods in low demand so they can be placed in less accessible zones.

If possible, integrate technology for further storage operation efficiency. The ideal storage solution is a challenging task, so carefully consider your unique needs and operational goals. A well-organized and efficient warehouse will enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and give you a competitive edge in this demanding marketplace.

Mark P. Beverly

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