The efficiency of online surveys in marketing research

The efficiency of online surveys in marketing research

Questionnaires and surveys are robust, efficient, and inexpensive tools for gathering statistics and feedback. Such methods are widely used in business and marketing research. But for the online questionnaire to solve the tasks, it is necessary to formulate and arrange the questions in a particular sequence correctly. So, how to make a survey, and why are they so popular today?

What tasks can be solved with the help of online surveys?

A survey is not only an excellent tool for collecting information. It also performs many other essential business tasks. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • Real and free product reviews

Many companies face a problem when the consumer does not want to give feedback about the purchased product (provided service). To analyze the quality of a product, one must either order expensive market research or resort to free surveys. The second option is most common today among small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Understanding the needs and motives of audience behavior

If you need to understand the relevance of a new product, the level of demand for it from consumers, or the need to improve business processes, you should make your own survey. If you know the needs of the client, you reduce the likelihood of failure for the business.

  • Creation and development of the community

If you organize a survey correctly, you can form a community of people who share their opinions and discuss the issues raised.

  • Content creation

The survey creates 3 different types of content. Initially, it would help to tell the audience what prompted the research. After the information is collected, the results are usually announced. And discussions and dialogues between respondents are transformed into user-generated content.

  • Increase in attendance

Thanks to polls, you can increase user traffic to a page on a social network or website. For this, different motivation systems encourage the person participating in the study to share a link with a survey with friends.

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